Homelab. introGene Therapy & Vaccine Division

So far our main R&D interest is to develop a variety of cancer gene therapeutics, especially, through DNA-based tumor vaccines and immune cell-based (i.e., dendritic cells and natural killer cells) ex vivo technologies. For example, one of our clinical studies already showed that the neo-p53/importin-encoding gene formulated with our unique liposomes had a prominent anti-tumor efficacy against advanced lung and liver cancers which had failed by conventional chemotherapies.

In addition, various gene therapeutics based on viral vehicles (i.e., adenovirus, adeno-associated virus) having high efficacy and low toxicity are actively under development.

We also have developed a unique cationic liposome, so-called Genecarry¢âsystem and completed it¡¯s production technology possible to apply to clinical use. The cationic liposome shows significant low cytotoxicity and excellent gene delivery efficiency to various types of mammalian cells.

More recently, we are broadening our R&D field with the recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) technology having various tissue tropism and high transduction efficiency.

Further, we have been trying to expand our technologies to be utilized as treatment for incurable diseases and this endless efforts will be able to create better opportunities to save patients suffering from a kind of incurable diseases and lengthen the life.

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