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Functional food means a food which could effect on the metabolic control. According to the Food department administration of Japan, Functional Food means a group of foods which are made for having special function acting on specific regions using by physical, biochemical or biotechnological modification of food. They also said that this group of foods could effect on the body control system such as bio-defense mechanism, bio-rhythm or curing disease.
The Nutrigenomics Gene Test is a new technology of disease treatment which helps to prevent disease and to keep your body health by researching the influence of a relation between foods and genes. It is very well known for the fact that genes have an effect on health. The Nutrigenomics is base on the data which implicate that several specific nutrition could affect on gene-modification. The Nutrigenomics means the study to research how to foods effect on health and has a goal to cure disease and to keep a health. Especially, the test could give a tailor-made health supplements because each people who have a different morphology of their gene need different treatments and also different supplements.
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