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Cancer is basically a genetic disease developing secondary to changes of multiple genes, and therefore can be best studied by multiple gene test. We have developed a novel molecular screening system of cancer which detects cancer from body fluids by testing DNA, RNA, protein and virus of cancer orgin. This ˇ°CanScan Programˇ± is much more superior to conventional tumor markers and can detect all types of human cancers with high sensitivity(90%). It can detect early stage cancer and even precancerous lesion. This test aids conventional imaging study to greatly improve the diagnostic accuracy of cancer.
A. Cancer
Abnormality of both genetic and protein marker, or
very high level of protein tumor markers
B. Precancerous lesion or latent cancer
Abnormality of 2 or more of 4 genetic markers; protein marker normal
C. Normal
All of the markers normal
D. Equivocal
Marginal increase of protein tumor marker only, or
Abnormality of only 1 genetic marker
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