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Goodgene¡¯s Cancer Mini Chip is a multiplex oligo DNA chip, which detects mutation or aberrant promoter methylation of multiple cancer-related genes as oncogene and tumor suppressor genes and thus provides highly accurate, quick and cost effective diagnosis of cancer.? Each Goodgene¡¯s Cancer Mini Chip comprises two types of oligo-chips. One is sequenced by hybridization (SBH) oligo-chip, on which hybridization reaction is carried out between multiple oligonucleotide probes of the chip and PCR products of sample DNA using the conventional 2-color scanner.? The other chip is a mini sequencing oligo-chip, on which a special form of sequencing reaction is carried out, using 2- or 4-color fluorescence dyes (fluorescence labelled dideoxy terminators). The mini sequencing oligo-chip can detect a point mutation or a change of deletion, insertion or aberrant promoter methylation and SNP accurately and quickly. This can save a lot of money and time as compare with conventional sequencing analysis.
No. Products Cat.No Detection Feature
1 GG CA Mini Chip GG-CC-001
Simultaneously detect 5 gene¡¯s mutation, 3 gene¡¯s over-expression, & 11 gene¡¯s epigenetic mutation Diagnosis of early stage of cancer
Simple and Easy to test
Costeffective- 8 samples can be tested on one chip at once
Accurate and Fast results
Rapidness- Takes only 6 hours from preparation of sample to analysis
Efficiency- simple test by multiplex gene amplification.
Susceptibility- high sensitivity and specificity that can detect each STD genotype.
High throughput- Diagnoses mutation of cancer related genes and aberrant promoter hypermethylation at once
All-in-One System
2 GG CA Methylation Chip GG-CC-002 11 gene¡¯s epigenetic mutation
3 GG CA Mutation Chip GG-CC-003 5 gene¡¯s mutation & 3 gene¡¯s over-expression
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